PennGrade 1 - World Wide Bearings - Mancup Motorcycle Drag Racing Series

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Our team always wants to win, be the best and will work hard to do this. We will represent the ourselves, sponsors, the sport and our fans with first class professionalism and respect because Team Vantine Nitro-sports believes anything less is unacceptable.

Special Thanks to PennGrade 1 and World Wide Bearings for their support and they have

 long since moved past being supporters of our program and are a part of our family.

2019 ManCup schedule

 2019 SGMP | April 5-7  

We won this event!

  2019 Dragway 42 | July 12-14  

Finals  against Larry McBride

  2019 Darlington Dragway | September 27-29   

Finals  against Larry McBride

 2019 Rockingham | October 26-27   

  2019 World Finals | November 21-24  

Nitro-Methane Top Fuel Drag Racing

 Riders of Man Cup Top Fuel class must hold a Manufacturers Cup Top Fuel license.   Existing Top Fuel entries must maintain a minimum of  6.99 or better E.T. within two previous events or during  qualifying at present event in order to qualify and be placed on the  elimination ladder. New bikes that have yet obtained the 6.99 minimum  licensing times are subject to adhering to a 6.99 or better E.T. to  establish a qualifying time. 

First 5 second side-by-side pass!!!

MiRock July 2014


Dave Vantine  vs Mitch Brown Man Cup 2019

Special Recognition